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Our niche is our specialty! Interior design and decorating can take your investment rental and/or your listing to the next level by maximizing your profits and decreasing vacancy on your property or listing.


We offer this service to real estate agents who are looking to spice up their listings by staging the home.

  • Tier 1: Lite interior decorating in spaces such as the bathrooms and kitchen 

  • Tier 2: Lite interior decorating in spaces such as the bathrooms and kitchen as well as fully staging the living room and master bedroom

  • Tier 3: Interior decorating and a full staging of the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathrooms, and other important rooms in the house (ex: sunrooms, guest rooms, etc,)


This service is for those who are looking design and decorate their rental vacation home properties. This can include renovations and includes decor down to the detail. Creating the perfect Airbnb can be quite the task and we are here to help!

We would love to chat! Contact us below for pricing & any questions you may have.

Let’s Work Together

Contact us below to talk design, find out pricing, & discuss your design goals!

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