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Staging Homes For Selling

When selling a home, it is important for the potential buyers to be able to envision themselves living in that house. Home staging is styling a home to increase the appeal to buyers. Statistics show, homes that are staged sell 87% faster than homes that are not. Staging a home can bring out its best features along with increasing the aesthetic. It gives the home a more personal look to the potential buyers.

The goal is for the house to stand out to the buyer, therefore, good first impressions are crucial. This means along with the interior, the exterior of the house also needs to have good curb appeal. If the outside of the house has any issues that is a sign of poor maintenance to the buyers. In addition to the exterior, the entrance area contributes to the first impression of the home. Having the home staged from the moment the buyers walk in makes a significant difference.

The kitchen, living areas, and master bedrooms are top priority when it comes to staging a home. Making all these aspects of the house welcoming improves the ability for the potential buyer to create a vision of themself living in the home. This includes any furniture and decor. However, any personal items from the past owners such as family photos need to go. This can interrupt the vision we want the buyers to have of them living in that home. Staging should only include items that add aesthetic and warmth to the home.

Selling your home and making sure it is prepared can be a big process. The Design House can assist you in creating the perfect first impression to buyers when selling your home! Get in touch today if you have a listing that you would like to stage! Written by: Ashlyn Bell

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