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To follow interior design trends or to not?

Trends in interior design change so rapidly it can become a difficult feat to find the right style that is both timeless and on trend. Often, we see people start a project to hop on a trend and then by the time they finish up the project the trend is on the way out the door. Constantly changing paint colors, furniture, and décor is extremely unrealistic for most strictly because of the cost and the level of disruption of day-to-day life in the home. So how do you keep your home simultaneously current and timeless?

We advise our clients to keep a neutral palette when it comes to foundational elements of the space. Foundational pieces include major furniture pieces such as couches, rugs, coffee tables, wall color, etc. These are the pieces in your home that cost the most money and are not easily replaced from a financial standpoint. Having a good neutral base allows you to play with pops of color, patterns, and texture in less expensive decorative pieces such as throw pillows/blankets, paintings and other wall décor, curtains, etc. With a solid, neutral, and timeless foundation it is much easier to adapt the overall aesthetic of the space to your personal preferences as they change with the times. No to mention, it will save you from time consuming and financially draining changes every time the trend pendulum swings.

We would love to chat more with you about your space and how we can assist you in creating a timeless and up-to-date space in your home. Whether you need a color consultation, interior décor help, or a renovation consultation we would love to help!

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